It’s more than

bricks and mortar

I understand it’s a home
you are looking for.

Together we will find your $500,000 or your $5 million-dollar home that perfectly suits you and your lifestyle.

Sometimes buyers become exhausted and disillusioned when looking on their own. Keeping the momentum going sometimes can become quite hard. Especially if you are on a tight time frame.

When you engage my services you can be assured you have a professional searching for your home, liaising with the agents, organising inspections, doing the legwork, until the best possible property is found and negotiated for you. And you are supported right through to Settlement.

It may take six months. It may take only a week – everything you wish for just lines up. I don’t know until we start looking.


Southern Highlands
Property Finders

saves you time and money

I am experienced in sourcing, evaluating and negotiating property on behalf of you, the buyer.

I will show you properties that meet your criteria, so you don’t waste your time looking at unsuitable properties.

I will disclose everything I can possibly find out about the property that you plan to buy. I am working for you with only your needs in mind, so I protect and represent your best interest at all times.