Over the winter blues? Keep them in the bathrooms.

October 13, 2017 11.36 am by. Lyndell

When selling your home, colour certainly comes into play. And a surprising result from a US company Zillow has studied the sale prices of homes versus the colours they were painted.  And discovered when it comes to bathrooms, it’s not the usual all white or black and white, but blue. Paint your bathroom periwinkles blue, or tile in this colour or duck egg blue and this will help increase the final sale price of your home. Another interesting colour to avoid also in the kitchen is the off-white range (hogs bristle quarter strength). Studies show that this colour gives the feeling of a ‘dead’ or lifeless area. Paint the kitchen instead with exciting colours, after all, isn’t cooking up a storm for guests exciting and fun? People want to walk into the kitchen and feel inspired, not tired and lacklustre.

So, when you are next planning to paint your home, to live in it or to sell, pick up a colour chart of colours and leave the off-whites, creams and pale yellows to the cheeses.