Spring is here

November 30, 2013 4.06 pm by. Lyndell

Spring is here in the Southern Highlands, and the property market is moving. As a buyers agent one of the first issues discussed with my clients is to buy a house in the best location you can possibly afford.  Uppermost in buyers minds is to buy a house that best suits their needs, the underlying thought is nearly always, will it be a good investment?  Great, well built houses with flowing floor plans, a good out-look and close to amenities are what to look out for. Then in times of slower economies and if unfortunately you are forced to sell, the best properties will always be the first to go.

Real estate agents have an obligation to their vendors to sell their house quickly for the highest price. That is what they are paid to do. A buyers advocate has an obligation to their client to help find the best possible property for the lowest price, so we carefully look at all criteria’s about each property and weigh up the pros and cons. The good thing about using a buyers agent is, we don’t fall in-love with any property, we are subjective and can help you walk away from a house you love at first sight but may not suit you long term.