Selling your own Home

October 25, 2013 4.05 pm by. Lyndell

There are many websites now to list your property on that bypass the selling agent and consequently can save you thousands in agents fees. And whilst these particular sites are well run, professional and cost effective, you need to be aware that selling your own home is a very emotional choice to make.

The selling agent is a buffer between you and the purchaser, a buffer between listing to a buyer and their possible financial struggle, their impending divorce, their personal life. If you allow yourself to be involved directly with the buyer, you may find you are making emotional decisions, small things such as leaving behind some items, expensive drapes, lawn mower, etc as a gesture of good will, to making huge emotional decisions such as dropping the price far below your asking price as the buyer lets you in to their situation, and you feel you need to help. Just be careful, and from my own personal experience, I would use a good reputable selling agent. Just keep that distance.