Selling an empty house

June 5, 2012 10.36 am by. Lyndell

Empty homes can look and feel forlorn, unwanted, even sad! Not the best feelings to create when marketing a home to new buyers. One of the first places to spend time when focusing energy and money on an empty home for sale is the curb appeal: the front lawn, the walkway, the porch or stoop, the front door, the numbers, the first floor windows. You may not be able to fix cracks in the sidewalk, but you can prune weeds, place pots of flowers or small statues or a fountain. If empty windows stare out at you, placement of warm and welcoming curtains will beckon buyers from the street. Doors and windows should be washed and gleaming. The front porch should be swept; don’t forget the ceiling where spider webs and/or bee’s nests could be hiding. Make sure this area is well-lit at night; an easy fix is to use solar lighting on a walkway. Make sure the path to the front door is clear, friendly and welcoming. In fact, something as simple as a fresh welcome mat can do wonders.

Now that buyers feel welcome as they come up the path, it’s time to tackle that first impression as they walk through the door. The entry area is vitally important to creating a feeling about the house. One  suggestion is to place an entry table for buyers to place papers, keys, a handbag, gloves. As sellers, if you prefer that buyers remove their shoes, a shoe caddy with a basket of booties would be welcome in this area. A small live plant suggests that the home is being taken care of.  A dish of mints smells nice and is a tiny “thank you” for stopping by.

In large empty rooms sometimes one piece can make a complete statement without having to furnish the whole space. Try a large painting, one piece of furniture with pillows or an interesting rug. Watch out for sharp angles that greet people when they walk into room. These angles usually serve to make people uncomfortable without knowing why. They can be softened with plants in front of them, or a fabric curtain. Even a blanket tossed over the arm of a chair or couch can soften an angle.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money trying to make an empty house feel furnished and inviting. its about small changes in big ways.