Real Estate - everything is negotiable

January 29, 2016 10.41 am by. Lyndell

When you are in negotiations with a real estate agent there are other ways to get a result other than price, especial if the vendors wants more than you are willing to pay. As they say, everything is negotiable.

Are there items in the house or on the property that the vendor would find difficult to move or sell? Sometimes if you offer to buy the ride on mower, the large custom built bookcase/TV unit or the massive outdoor timber table and chairs the vendors may feel this will be advantageous to them.

Or ask the agent what is the vendors ideal settlement time. If you are flexible and can wait a little longer if the vendors would prefer a 90 day settlement, then offer this. It could make the difference between the vendor choosing you over another buyer, especially if both buyers are at the same price point.

If you have been to the bank and your loan is watertight, make your offer unconditional on finance. This will show you are a serious buyer that when it comes to finance approval, you wont fall over. This makes you and your offer rock solid as no vendor wants to start all over again trying to sell their property. And the agent does not want to start again, so the agent will most likely nudge the vendor to accept your offer, even if it may be a little lower than a rival buyer. As they say, a bird in the hand… (especially a cashed up bird)

Naturally the bank will still send a valuer out to the property, but if you have done your homework your offer should be in the ball park of the banks valuation anyway.

Remember the agent wants a sale, they are only paid on results so if you work well with them and try to be flexible as possible the agent will relay this to the buyer and things will keep progressing until both parties have come to an agreement.

Using a buyers agent can be very helpful in these instances as the buyers agent talks to the agent without emotion and doesn’t get frustrated if things start to stalemate, they just keep reshuffling the negotiations until the client gets a happy result