Property Prices remaining high

July 26, 2016 11.57 am by. Lyndell

Usually winter in the Southern Highlands means a slower time for the sellers and agents take some time out. But not this year. Prices have risen and talking to agents, it doesn’t appear that prices will be pulling back in Spring. More properties usually come on the market in Spring as houses are more attractive with blossoms, bright flowers and greener grass. But perhaps not this time. But this doesn’t mean that you buy the first property you can afford. It may be better to cross off some extra special things on your wish list such as under-floor heating, or an outdoor entertaining area and still stick with the area you like best.

A house is such an expensive and emotional buy, and when things settle in your new home you will have time in the later to pay for the extras you wanted, but you won’t be able to pick up your house from an area that doesn’t really suit you in the long run.