Photographing your House to Sell

July 5, 2014 12.12 pm by. Lyndell

Taking photos of your house is sometimes not as easy as it may appear. Door frames get in the way, mirrors reflect you or other objects in the background, some rooms are positioned away from natural light and tend to look dark.

1. Take the photo from a lower point of view as interior shots look better below eye height.

2. Bathroms can be difficult – be mindful of your reflection in mirrors, turn off your flash, as it kills the ambient light, and shoot into the corners as it makes the room look bigger.

3. Stand back – Get back as far as you can, shoot through a doorway (without showing the door frame) so the room looks bigger.

4. Watch that you don’t tilt the camera, sloping roof lines or benches aren’t professional looking

5. Take a photo of a special part of a room, such as a bay window with views to outside gardens, giving the feeling of being in a home – not a display home.

6. Remove clutter – photographs of your wedding, children’s drawings stuck on the refrigerator, toys or leads from electrical equipment or lamp leads.