Obtaining the Highest Possible Price for your Home

March 29, 2014 10.54 am by. Lyndell

As soon as you make the decision to sell your home, you need to look at your asset in a different way. No longer just the place where you and your family live, your home is now a product that you need to market and present to your potential buyers. Showcasing your home is all about highlighting the possibilities. The more people who see your home as desirable, the higher the price you’re likely to sell it for. Here are 10 tips to help you put yourself in the shoes of your buyers and ensure you get the best possible price for your home.

1. Understand your buyers

Different kinds of properties suit different kinds of buyers. What a young professional couple is looking for is unlikely to be the same as that which appeals to a growing family. Empty-nesters have different needs again. If you can second-guess the kind of people who may be attracted to your property you can:

  • Craft your marketing accordingly
  • Better understand how you can go about preparing your home for sale
  • Decide which real estate agent to choose to handle the sale.

A good real estate agent can give you insight into likely buyers based on his or her experience of the local market. Talk to friends to get their ideas about who they think may be interested in your property, and what they might be looking for.

2. Remove personal clutter

Your first step in preparing your home for sale is to pare down your furniture and belongings. Remove any ornaments that are too personal or idiosyncratic. You may be able to see the irony in the kitsch fridge magnet your Aunt Jenny brought back from Surfer’s Paradise, but your buyers may not. As a general rule, take down family photos and children’s drawings — although you can leave a couple of the more artistic ones, especially interesting older photos.

Another benefit of carrying out this step of culling and de-cluttering early on is that it means you can more easily see what needs to be done in terms of cleaning and any repairs.Home buyers are looking for a place they can imagine themselves being happy and proud of. So, when you come to sell your home, your job is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your home “communicating” with potential buyers. Leave room for buyers to visualise themselves in your home.

Start by clearing your property of anything that isn’t absolutely essential to the functioning or the aesthetic attraction of a room. Clean out and tidy storage cupboards. Cull pictures, knick- knacks and junk.

Ask a friend with a discerning eye to help you be ruthless about de-cluttering your home for sale.

Remember, step away from the property as your ‘home’ and sell it as a ‘house’.

A house that another family will make into a home…