New Year, New Beginnings

January 11, 2018 10.23 pm by. Lyndell

The new year in the Southern Highlands brings a more stable market. A market where vendors and buyers have time to consider the sale, to negotiate, to find the middle ground without rush and a feeling of missing out from the buyer.

Reports from Real Estate Institution New South Wales (REINSW) say that the market has now ‘consolidated’. Reading between the lines, I think it is newspeak for ‘levelling out’. Not missing out, but that you don’t need to panic and buy on a quick emotional response. Not the best way to buy, as it may lead to long-term regret.

Therefore, if you are buying this year in the Southern Highlands, you now have to opportunity to look around, take your time, consider the options and when you find that perfect home, you can negotiate fairly and buy well.