Negotiating real estate in the Southern Highlands

October 12, 2014 7.19 pm by. Lyndell

In the Southern Highlands most properties are still sold by private treaty so its important to be comfortable in negotiating. A few thoughts to consider before you ring or talk to the real estate agent with your offer.

Understand exactly what it is you want.

Do your due diligence .

Make a negotiation-and-offer plan that includes timing, your target price, opening offer, response to response and then run it past a few trusted people.

Get started – this is often the hardest part. Lead rather than be led.

Be prepared. To be good at deals you have to accept there’ll be uncomfortable moments – you have to give and receive them.  Don’t react, and stay on track.

Remember why you are doing this. Don’t get distracted with egos. Don’t worry about who’s right and who deserves what.

Keep going. It’s not over until you’ve bought it or somebody else has.