It Will Soon Be More Than The Trees In Blossom

August 28, 2015 8.24 pm by. Lyndell

It’s nearly spring, in the Southern Highlands,and with spring comes blossom, tulips, warmer weather and more properties on the market. The interesting thing this year is normally over winter the market tends to flatten and cool off. And whilst the weather has been very cool the market has been rather warm. In the past it would therefore be considered that going into spring the market would not move considerably, however this year real estate agents in the southern highlands believe there will be more demand and the market will be even more stronger.

That being said, there are always properties contrary to the rule, vendors wanting a quick sale, vendors happy with a good and reasonable price, vendors just wanting to move on, maybe downgrade and therefore aren’t looking to hang out for the top possible dollar. You just need to be careful, try not to become emotional, do your homework on similar house sales and call me if you need any help