Inspections Prior to Settlement

August 15, 2012 10.36 am by. Lyndell

The inspection prior to settlement is very important to make sure the property you initially inspected and decided to buy is in the same condition and cleanliness at settlement. And to make sure everything will be ready for you, ask your agent to put in writing that all rubbish must be removed, the house will be clean, the old shabby furniture in the garage will be taken away, and the lawns and garden will be maintained etc. Other wise, whilst you can check that the inclusions are still in place, it can be difficult the day before settlement at your last inspection to have had the small things taken care of as well. And buying a home and moving in is already stressful, so you don’t need the added stress of finding the back yard and garage has been left in a mess. Tenants are sometimes the worst when moving out from a property, and will pack only their own chattels and leave the junk and rubbish for someone else to deal with.

If you get this important request in writing the vendors are much more lilkely to make sure the property is in the best condition (inside and out) as possible at settlement.