Home Sweet New Home - Your new real estate

September 28, 2016 9.35 am by. Lyndell

Whilst the perfect house has just come on the market and you have made an offer that has been accepted, and now planning where to place your furniture and deciding on new wall colours, and everything is proceeding smoothly to settlement, have you investigated your neighbours?

The last thing you need, once you have moved in is to find you have loud, noisy neighbours, partying all weekend or revving up a motor bike at 6am Monday to Friday.

Ask the real estate agent if the properties on either side are owner occupied or rentals, sometimes this will make a difference, as owner occupiers are generally more approachable with issues such as barking dogs, fencing, trees on boundaries, noise, as they also wish for a relaxed, quiet environment in their own home. Tenants come and go, home owner occupied tend to stay a lot longer.

Before you buy, walk around the area in the evening, come back around 10pm on a Saturday night, look around for barking dogs, that motor bike, lots of extra cars in the driveways, rubbish bins overflowing etc.

I personally have been known to do just this for clients, and in one case, we choose to walk away. I discovered the back paddock was a motor cross bike trail for a couple of male teenagers and their friends and weekends were filled with the screams of high pitched engines. Certainly, with some conversations with council and more letters, the new owners may have been able to have this vacant land restricted to motor bike riding, but who really wants to take on a frustrating and perhaps long drawn out task when you can simply look elsewhere?

Often clients feel the house they have fallen in love with will be the only house that they will feel this way about, but my experience has proven time and time again, there will always be another house. Don’t rush in where angels fear to tread!