Happy New Year

January 1, 2013 10.32 am by. Lyndell

A new year full of promise! With interest rates still on the downhill slide, and property prices sitting nicely now is the time to start looking again for your new home or investment property.

Rentals in the Southern Highlands are still at a premium and don’t look to be changing in the near future. A client just purchased a modest investment property in Moss Vale for $295,000 with a tenant renting it at $580 per week. That’s a great return on investment and the best thing is, they live in the Highlands so they can always drive by and check on it. I met a man when I had this same business in Melbourne and he said he never buys property he can’t go and look at within an hour’s drive.

Good tenants are gold, and a little investment property in the Southern Highlands might just prove to be as good as gold too.