Happy New Home

January 4, 2015 2.55 pm by. Lyndell

If you have been looking for property of the last few months and becoming frustrated with the little amount of choice, be patient. The real estate market will start to move again end of January and really pick up by February 2015. Not only do the estate agents take a well earned break, solicitors and conveyancers also take a break with most closing their doors until 5 January and some taking a longer break until 12 January.

And it’s also a perfect opportunity to inspect home in the hottest time of the year to get a good feel how hot or not the home will be. Many homes are not well insulated and to stay cool you wont want the air-conditioning running up huge bills.

Therefore when you inspect the home, consider how cool the house is in the bedrooms, and check if the air-conditioning is running at full capacity to keep the house cool. Consider what trees are breaking the suns rays and where the main rooms are positioned, are they protected from the sun, will you need to install awnings, new shade screens etc. Ask the agent where the air-conditioning unit is, see how old/new it is and the energy rating. I have a girlfriend who kept her house extremely cool and comfortable over summer only to receive an $1800 energy bill.