Exit Canberra, Enter Goulburn

September 11, 2013 10.09 am by. Lyndell

Only a short while ago there was an article on a current events programe and on the ABC radio about real estate in Goulburn being bought by Canberra workers. The reason is simple, real estate prices in Canberra have continued to increase to a point where the average working family can no longer afford to purchase and live a comfortable life-style. So, just down the highway is historic Goulburn with wonderful federation homes, blue-stone foundations, lead-light windows and cedar front doors – and a third of the cost of a brick veneer in the ACT.

Now, competition for property is quickening in the first inland city, also known as Lilac City for families to purchase here and then do a daily working day commute to Canberra, (just an hour away) yet, enjoy a more manageable mortgage, a solid brick home with chooks in the back yard and a property with great long term appreciation.

Some might say Goulburn is an extention of the Southern Highlands, well the water now does come from the highlands, so the long issue of water shortages has also been addressed.

Goulburn certainly should be a consideration if you are working in Canberra and looking for a cheaper life-style or if you are an investor looking to put some dollars into real estate. Rentals in Goulburn are in great demand.