Don't buy when you feel fed up, consider engaging a Buyers Agent

December 10, 2015 10.06 am by. Lyndell

It’s usually after three months of searching without buying most buyers give up. By then the fun of buying a property has left and in its place is frustration and feeling fed up. If you get to this point, it’s important to either stop looking if this is an option or take a step back, re-access your needs, and start again.

But most importantly is not to buy out of frustration and ‘this one will do’. You will most likely end up living in a home you are not happy with and regret the purchase.

To sell the property and start again will be a further loss of around 10% when you include stamp duty paid, selling costs, mortgage set up and payments and other smaller costs such as your pest and building inspection and moving costs.

A buyers agent will help keep you on track, pick you up when you are feeling down, keep looking on your behalf when you just cant walk into another ‘Open House’ and most importantly make sure the home you eventually purchase is the home you will love.

My goal is that every time a client puts their key in their front door of their new home, they feel happy.