Destination Southern Highlands

April 16, 2015 4.36 pm by. Lyndell

Real estate agents in the Southern Highlands cant list enough properties fast enough at the moment. Good properties in desirable areas are being sold quickly and in some cases much higher than the expected sale price. Whilst this is great news for real estate agents and vendors, if you are a buyer, don’t rush in feeling pressured. You may pay too much if you feel the market is moving out of your price range and start panic buying.

One of the worst feelings is regret. And once you have purchased your property in haste that terrible adage of ‘repent in leisure’ may come to a realisation. Sure you may miss out on a wonderful home, but it would not be wise to start entering in a Dutch Auction with another buyer. Stop where your head says to. Another property will come on the market, and you may be a little wiser, stepping back a little, though there is never the great bargain that no-one else knows about.

A buyers agent can help you hold back that little bit, see what is really going on with the possible sale and then approach the sales agent with a strategy that wont be swayed with fast talk and fast selling.