Be careful you don't pay for your run-away emotions

April 7, 2013 10.30 am by. Lyndell

Every time you put your key in the front door of your new home you should feel happy – not under mortgage stress.

When we start to look for a house to purchase, we have an amount we know we can afford. But then we see a better house, perhaps newly renovated, closer to town, more land, pretty landscaping, and we change our financial criteria… And talk ourselves into that we will cut down on dining out, one trip away instead of two, borrow a little more money, rely on the next years promotion…

And we buy the more expensive house. Some months later, six months perhaps, we didn’t get the promotion, we are missing on dining out once a week, finances are becoming too tight, relationships are becoming strained and suddenly that house that we thought we would love and make us happy is making us miserable.

Try to stick with what you set out to spend. In the end, it’s family, friends, BBQs with neighbours, chatting and playing is what makes the home. Not the bells and whistles.