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How far will property prices fall?

May 31, 2018 10.06 am by. Lyndell
How far will property prices fall in the long-awaited correction? Economists such as UBS’s George Tharenou believe they will dive deeper than his original estimates. After the longest boom so far, Tharenou, who called the top of market last year, says housing is already weakening more quickly than UBS’s bearish view. For read more...

It's no longer FOMO but FOOP

May 11, 2018 7.48 pm by. Lyndell
Southern Highlands property prices are changing. With a changing property market now quite obvious, buyers are now concerned, not with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but with FOOP (Fear Of Overpaying) as they are not too sure about a new price adjusted market. The issue can be now, whilst you may read more...
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