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An article from Southern Highland News may not be all gloom

February 15, 2018 9.52 am by. Lyndell
 Whilst the article below is touting another strong property market in the Southern Highlands, don't become too disheartened. The market is only halfway into the second month of 2018, so yet to show this year projected performance. And with clearance rates in Sydney lowering most weekends, with a very low read more...

How long should you reasonably look for a property?

February 1, 2018 5.02 pm by. Lyndell
So, how long should you look for a property? It’s all about adopting a Goldilocks approach according to Cate Bakos, founder of Cate Bakos Property. “If you spend too much time researching, you’ll miss out. Too short and you won’t learn enough to make a sound decision,” Bakos says. What this means is that read more...
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