Do you keep on missing out?

September 7, 2016 8.45 am by. Lyndell

The market in the Southern Highlands has never been so hot. Too many buyers and not enough good quality houses. Have you been missing out and now feeling rather frustrated?

Best practice is to have your finance ready, a solicitor whom will read your contract the day you send it, and a trusted building and pest inspector whom only needs a days notice to inspect your next property. Agents are selling properties fast, in some cases, prior to the first open and that can be very, very disappointing. Turning up to the property that appears to have had every thing you wanted in a property only to see a notice on the hoarding saying ‘Sold’, Open House cancelled is annoying and exasperating to say the least.

This week clients were fortunate to secure a property prior to the first Open House. How did we do this?

Firstly, using a buyers agent who has good relationships with the real estate agents is handy. Real estate agents understand that a buyers agent has already qualified the buyer, knows that they are serious about buying and therefore most likely wont be wasting the agents time.

I called the agent on Monday morning, we had an appointment that afternoon and put in an offer of the asking price. Sales advice was sent immediately to the agent to send to the vendor’s solicitor, meanwhile I contacted my clients solicitor with the sales details so they were immediately in the loop. A building and pest was organised the following day. The Contract of Sale was emailed to me, I personally took it to my clients for signing and then personally handed it to the vendors solicitor. So on Friday afternoon exchange and deposit were completed, the property was sold. The agent cancelled the Open House and listed the property as sold on the net.

Its about moving fast, having everything lined up, following through and making sure nothing drops through the cracks at the last minute. In our busy lives, with work and children and other un-expected events, it is nearly impossible to keep ahead of the process and someone can beat you to the sale at the last minute.

This is where a Buyers Agent is invaluable, sometimes its not about shaving off tens of thousands of dollars, its about not losing that property time and time again.

This is what we do, we help you all the way to secure that property. Lets chat.